About Us

Meet Anthony and Astrid, two ambitious young entrepreneurs with a heart of gold, who have combined their passion for dogs with their entrepreneurial spirit to create Solay. A fun, healthy and eco friendly grooming experience for all dogs.

Solay Doggie Spa is named after the two fury loves of their lives, Sofi and Layla.

Their dogs have been with them through thick and thin, and now they want to share their passion for their well-being with the world. Layla, a rescued hurricane survivor from Puerto Rico has been Anthony’s loyal companion since she was a puppy. While Sofi, Astrid’s rescue dog, has been her heart and soul for 11 years.

As a business-savvy couple and dog enthusiasts, they saw a need for a grooming salon that prioritizes and treats every pup like their own. Sofi and Layla were rescued from different parts of the world, and as such they know how important it is to provide a safe and loving environment for all dogs.

Anthony’s and Astrid’s passion for dogs and business experience makes them the “paw-fect” pair to bring you and your doggie the funnest and healthiest grooming experience there is. They know firsthand how it feels to have a bad experience with corporate groomers, which is why they’ve created a cozy, cage – free environment where your dogs can feel at ease.

As dog owners themselves, they understand how important it is to have a healthy, safe and comfortable place for your fury companions to be groomed. Solay offers organic, natural products to soothe and purify your dogs coat, along with purified water. Every dog deserves to be pampered with the love and care they deserve, just like Sofi and Layla.

At Solay we take care of your fury friends like family, because they are family. We are on a mission to make every pup’s dream come true!


Our Start Up


I’m wagging my tail with excitement to see you here and tell you all about this ‘pawsome’ grooming spa named after me and my sis!

Hi, I’m Sofi! And my sister is Layla. Together, we’re the awesome duo known as Sofi and Layla. We are excited to share our new family venture with the whole doggie world!

Allow me to introduce our family first.

Layla, my young 5 year old sister but BIG Rhodesian Ridgeback, is a heroic hurricane survivor from Puerto Rico. She’s been my dad’s, Anthony, loyal sidekick since she was a little pup. Layla’s personality and looks are quite different than mine. Layla is 70 lbs, loves to run, chase squirrels and play with other doggies. She protects the house when our ‘hoomans’ mom and dad are away.

As for me, Sofi, I’ve been the sunshine in my moms, Astrid’s, heart for a whopping 11 doggie years. I am a Maltese and the ultimate source of tail-wagging joy around here! Hee! I am a little 7 lbs feisty furry ball that loves belly rubs and snooze on my dads pillow. Currently yawning while writing this, it’s noon and passed my nap time!

Now, back to our ‘pawsome’ adventure! Layla and I have been working with our ‘hoomans’ mom and dad to create a stress-free zone where all of our paw friends can relax and feel like top dogs.

Solay is a doggie spa paradise where all of our paw friends can be pampered with the finest organic grooming products and be soaked in purified water, all while avoiding those dreadful cages we all hate. It’s like doggie heaven! Trust me, Layla and I have been helping them with our ‘pawsonel’ feedback and more.

Since ‘mom and dad’ have hearts as big as our favorite chew toys, they love all doggies. That’s why they understand how ‘impawtant’ it is to have a safe and cozy place for all of our paw friends to be treated like royalty. Every ‘doggie’ deserves to be pampered and loved like family, just like me and Layla!

With our parents magic blend of business experience and passion for doggies, we’re here to give all of our paw friends the most tail-wagging, ear-flopping grooming experience ever. Layla and I will ‘pawsonel’ help ensure that each one of our paw friends walk out the door feeling and looking the absolute best! Paw-yeah!

Our Core

Sofi: Meet Sofi, our petite and feisty Maltese who’s as selective as she is loving. At 7lbs and 11 years young, this princess knows what she wants, belly rubs and pillows to snooze on. Sofi, loves to rest and be cuddled. Our girl is growing old but will forever be mommy’s baby.
Openness: At Solay, we believe in building strong relationships with our clients and team members through open and honest communication. We strive to create an environment where ideas can flow freely and everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and insights.
Layla: Meet Layla. Our 5 years young, 70 lbs Rhodesian Ridgeback. Layla is honestly one of the sweetest dogs we’ve known, we say it is her way of thanking us she is forever grateful we rescued each other. Our sweet girl is a family protector and watchdog. Layla loves going for long walks and could chase lizards and squirrels the entire day.
Attention to Detail: At Solay, we know that small touches can have a huge impact. That’s why we obsess over every detail of our grooming services, leaving no fur unstyled and no paw un-pampered. Our commitment to perfection means that your furry friend will always look and feel their best after a visit to our spa.
You: At Solay, it’s all about YOU! YOU and YOUR pooch are the heart of everything we do.